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The Jungle

Chapter 26

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis becomes a scab, undermining a union strike. Jurgis' financial prosperity ends after he assaults Connor a second time. Jurgis is promptly beaten and arrested for the third time.


Chapter 16

by Bram Stoker

The men see evidence of what Lucy has become. They are shocked and agree to take steps to stop the un-dead.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 17

by Emily Brontë

Hindley gets drunk at Catherine's funeral and tells Isabella that he is going to kill Heathcliff. When Isabella tells Heathcliff this information he breaks into the house and beats Hindley. Hindley dies six months later leaving deep debt, and the mortgage in Heathcliff's possession. Isabella leaves for London, and has a son Linton. Nelly returns to Wuthering Heights to sort out funeral arrangements and to check on Hareton; Heathcliff refuses to allow Hareton near Nelly.

The Jungle

Chapter 21

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis begins working at a steel mill, however the distance to work only allows him to see his family on the weekends. Marija and Elzbieta both find work as the family prepares for the upcoming winter. Jurgis experiences another tragedy.