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Act 5, Scene 1

by William Shakespeare

Hamlet and Horatio come upon two grave-diggers. Hamlet ponders the inevitability of death. The arrival of Ophelia's funeral procession results in a confrontation between Hamlet and Laertes.

Japanese Fairy Tales

The Happy Hunter and the Skillful Fisher

by Yei Theodora Ozaki

The brothers The Happy Hunter and The Skillful Fisherman change occupational places one day. The Hunter does not know how to fish, and loses his brother’s hook. The Skillful Fisherman is very angry and demands his hook back. The Hunter searches and searches to no avail, until an old man appears and tells him to travel to the Sea King’s realm to find the hook. He does so, and finds the hook and makes many new friends. He stays in the Sea King’s realm for three years, and then he returns to land. He gives the hook to his brother, and the brother is angry that he no longer has an excuse to steal his brother’s wealth and title. The Skillful Fisherman then plots to kill his brother, but the Happy Hunter thwarts his plan by using talismans given to him by the Sea King. The Skillful Fisherman is thus impressed by his brother’s power and vows to be obedient to him from then on.

The Professor

Chapter 2

by Charlotte Brontë

William finds out what his responsibilities will be at this new trade. He also learns the boundaries of the relationship his brother is willing to have.


Chapter 24

by Bram Stoker

The men decide to hide their plans from Mina, since the worry she may reveal their plans inadvertently. However, they soon consider the ways she can help them in completing their mission.

Peter Rabbit and Other Stories

“The Tale of Mr. Tod”

by Beatrix Potter

Mr. Tod, a fox, and Tommy Brock, a badger, are both troublesome neighbors and “disagreeable people.” Mr. Tod has a habit of taking up lodging in other people’s houses. Mr. Brock visits a rabbit friend, who turns out to be Mr. Bouncer Bunny from The Tale of Benjamin Bunny, and then steals his son Benjamin Bunny’s children with plans to cook and eat them. Mr. Tod however finds that Mr. Brock has taken up residence in one of his homes, and after many comical efforts to rouse him, they fight it out. Meanwhile, Benjamin and his cousin Peter have come to rescue Benjamin’s children, and the fight gives them a chance to sneak off with the baby bunnies.


Chapter 5

by Bram Stoker

Mina, Jonathan’s girlfriend, writes letters back and forth to her friend Lucy about the young men in her life, Dr. Jack Seward and Quincey Morris. Arthur Holmwood introduced Lucy to Quincey Morris.

The Red Badge of Courage

Chapter 19

by Stephen Crane

The men charge the enemy quickly, but eventually lose steam. The lieutenant continues to drive the men to fight on. Henry, Wilson, and the lieutenant lead the rest of the regiment toward the enemy position. Henry carries the regiment colors after the color sergeant is mortally wounded.