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Chapter 5

by Sinclair Lewis

George continues to admire Zenith as he prepares for lunch at the Athletic Club. Reluctantly, George acknowledges his feeling of discontent to Riesling.

The Little Lame Prince

Chapter 2

by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik

The young prince’s legs stopped growing causing him unable to stand or walk. The King dies and the Prince Regent (the King’s brother) comes to power until the prince is of age. They hold a funeral for Prince Dolor.

The Red Badge of Courage

Chapter 18

by Stephen Crane

Henry and Wilson hear another is planning another charge. Henry's regiment has been chose for an offensive charge. Henry and Wilson inform the lieutenant of the offensive. The soldiers await the order for the charge anxiously.

The Jungle

Chapter 10

by Upton Sinclair

House expenses continue to trouble Jurgis and his family. Ona, who has become pregnant and given birth to a son, is in poor health after returning to work too soon to recover from child birth.

Main Street

Chapter 29

by Sinclair Lewis

Carol encounters Erik while walking with Hugh, and they discuss life in Gopher Prairie. Carol encourages Erik to pursue further education. Erik slowly earns the town's acceptance.

Main Street

Chapter 16

by Sinclair Lewis

Christmas arrives and Carol and Will attend a party at a friends house. Carol's frustration with the stagnant atmosphere of Gopher Prairie continues to increase.


Chapter 20

by Sinclair Lewis

Concerned for his friend's well-being, George waits for Riesling at his hotel room only to find out that things are not as they seem.