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The Crimson Fairy Book

“How to Find Out a True Friend”

by Andrew Lang

A queen and king longed to have a son and promised to send him on a pilgrimage after his eighteenth birthday if St. James were to grant their wish. The had their son and in turn, he set off on his journey. He met his true friend along the way and they survived many hindrances and proved their true friendship in the process.

Main Street

Chapter 24

by Sinclair Lewis

After a conversation with Bresnahan, Carol's opinion of Will becomes more critical. A visit from Will's friends causes tension in the Kennicott home, eventually resulting in a extreme request by Carol. Bea's departure leaves Carol doing all the housework. Will's proposal of building a new house only leaves Carol more frustrated than before.

A Connecticut Yankee In King Arthur’s Court

Chapter 24: “A Rival Magician”

by Mark Twain

The abbot and the monks were eager to bathe. The Yankee finds a telephone office in an abandoned hermit’s cave. He calls Arthur and tells him that he will travel to Camelot. When he arrives, the Yankee is disappointed at the king’s choices for his army. The Yankee goes back to the monks and proves another magician a fraud. The Yankee checks on the progress of the king and makes arrangements for a large welcome.

The Jungle

Chapter 18

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis returns to his house after he is released from prison, only to find that someone else has bought it. Jurgis finds the family at the Widow Jukniene's house. Ona goes into labor early and the family cannot afford a midwife.