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The Vampyre

“The Vampyre”

by John Polidori

A tale of a young man, seduced by the mystery of Lord Ruthven. He soon finds that there are aspects to the Lord which he did not first recognize for what they were. Aubrey finds love, but his happiness is not lasting. He makes an oath to Ruthven, the consequences of which are devastating.

The House of the Seven Gables

Chapter I: “The Old Pyncheon”

by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Colonel Pyncheon helps convict the owner of a seven-gabled house (Matthew Maule) of witchcraft. At the gallows, Matthew curses and the Colonel. On the day the Colonel opens the seven-gabled mansion, he is found dead. Future generations experience unhappiness and Hepzibah (the current resident) opens a ten-cent shop.

Jane Eyre

Chapter XXVII

by Charlotte Brontë

After falling asleep for a short while, Jane awakes to the realization that she must leave Thornfield. When she steps out of her room, she finds Rochester waiting in a chair on the threshold. To Rochester’s assurances that he never meant to wound her, and to his pleas of forgiveness, Jane is silent, although she confides to the reader that she forgave him on the spot. Jane suddenly feels faint, and Rochester carries her to the library to revive her. He then offers her a new proposal—to leave England with him for the South of France, where they will live together as husband and wife. Jane refuses, explaining that no matter how Rochester chooses to view the situation, she will never be more than a mistress to him while Bertha is alive. Rochester realizes that he must explain why he does not consider himself married, and he launches into the story of his past.