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Main Street

Chapter 21

by Sinclair Lewis

Raymond and Vida, now active in town activities, are married. Vida is jealous and resentful of Carol taking Will's love for granted.

The Time Machine

Chapter 7

by H.G. Wells

The Time Traveller begins to understand the relationship between the Morlocks and the Eloi. With nightfall approaching, the Time Traveller looks for a safe place to rest.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 1

by Emily Brontë

Mr. Lockwood writes in his diary about his visit with Mr. Heathcliff at Wuthering Heights, where he is to become Mr. Heathcliff's new tenant. Mr. Lockwood finds many things strange about his visit with Mr. Heathcliff.

The Jungle

Chapter 24

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis is invited home by an intoxicated man who gives him a hundred dollar bill. Jurgis recognizes the man as the son of a former supervisor at the packing plant.

The Little Lame Prince

Chapter 3

by Maria Dinah Mulock Craik

We find that young Prince Dolor is not dead, but living with a nurse in Nomansland (a deserted country). His uncle faked the funeral having a wax figure of the Prince created. Dolor meets his godmother and she gives him a traveling cloak.

The Sea-Wolf

Chapter 8

by Jack London

Hump continues to analyze the enigma that is Captain Larsen. Hump witnesses a poker game between Captain Larsen and an intoxicated Mugridge, taking note of the quantity of gold in the pot. Captain Larsen refuses to honor Hump's claims to the gold, but later assigns Mugridge to perform extra duties while inviting Hump to eat at the captain's table.

The Jungle

Chapter 14

by Upton Sinclair

Jurgis and his family continue to witness corruption in their respective jobs. Jurgis decides to drink rather than deal with his problems. Ona's health continues to decline.