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Oliver Twist

Chapter 53: And Last.

by Charles Dickens

Oliver receives a share of what is his, while Monks comes to a fitting end. Mr. Brownlow, now legal guardian of Oliver, Mr. Losberne, and Mr. Grimwig stay close to Oliver's new family.

Crime and Punishment

Part 5, Chapter 5

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Lebeziatnikov and Raskolnikov discuss Katerina's health as Sonia goes to check on her. Sonia finds a barely coherent Katerina overcome by her physical illness. Svidrigailov offers to take care of all funeral arrangements.

Main Street

Chapter 4

by Sinclair Lewis

After taking a look around, Carol is unnerved by the stature and state of the buildings in Gopher Prairie. Bea Sorensen's tour of Gopher Prairie leaves her awestruck.

Wuthering Heights

Chapter 9

by Emily Brontë

In a fit of rage Hindley throws Hareton over the balcony, fortunately Heathcliff is there to catch him. Catherine agrees to marry Edgar and tells Nelly, Heathcliff overhears their conversation and leaves Wuthering Heights for three years. Upset when Heathcliff leaves Catherine waits out in the rain for him, catches a fever, and almost dies; during her recovery Mr. and Mrs. Linton catch her fever and they both die. Catherine and Edgar marry three years after their death, and Nelly moves to Thrushcross Grange with them.

The Grey Fairy Book

The Twin Brothers

by Andrew Lang

A fisherman and his wife wish for sons. An old woman tells the wife how to get the sons she wishes for. When the twins grow, they wish to go into the world. The first brother goes on adventures, until the signs of distress bring his brother to his aid.