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Chapter 21

by Bram Stoker

Renfield reveals his involvement in the events surrounding Dracula. Mina and Harker are victims of Dracula’s plan.

The Crimson Fairy Book

“The Story of the Seven Simons”

by Andrew Lang

A king searches for a bride as handsome and clever as himself. There was one Princess Helena, however it would take ten years to find her and by that time she would be old and unbeautiful. The king meets seven Simons, all masters of their respective trades, and all are useful to him in his quest. They retrieve the princess and the king marries her.



by Ralph Waldo Emerson

History is within everyone, so living life is the best way to know history/people/life. History books should be written from this more open, organic perspective. Someone experiencing life is closer to true knowledge than someone who reads about it.

The King of the Golden River

Part 2

by John Ruskin

Gluck’s two evil brothers decide to become blacksmiths after the Southwest Wind prevents rain from touching the farmland. Gluck is forced to melt down his gold mug which is the King of the Golden River. He offers Gluck advice on how to turn the river to pure gold with holy water and warns him of the consequences should he add unholy water.