Welcome to the FCIT LPlanner

The lesson plans found on this site were created by educators for educators. Many were created by trainers and participants in the Florida Digital Educator program during FDE Teaching and Learning Institute sessions. Because the lessons are written by many different educators and cover the broadest possible range of subject areas and grade levels, you will find a diversity of approaches represented. Some lesson plans are written to allow a great deal of flexibility for the teacher, while others are highly prescriptive. Different styles may appeal to teachers with different levels of comfort and experience in the classroom. We encourage you to explore and to help us expand the selection of lesson plans available for all teachers.

Finding Lessons

To locate a lesson plan, search or browse using the navigation panel on the right. Click on any grade band or subject area to browse lessons. Select multiple grade bands and/or multiple subject areas to expand your selection. You can also use the search feature to look for lesson plans containing specific words. These words might include teaching strategies, resources, or specific topics addressed in the lessons.

Contribute Your Lesson Plans

We encourage all teachers to use FCIT’s free Personal LPlanner to create, store, and retrieve lesson plans. Once you’ve created a lesson plan within the Personal LPlanner, you may choose to submit the lesson plan for consideration to be included here in the public LPlanner collection.

The Personal LPlanner is free for any teacher to use to create and store personal lesson plans. Access to the Personal LPlanner is included with a free myFCIT account. To sign up, please visit myFCIT.