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Making Books

Make a variety of books that are personal to your students with iPhoto.


  • Students will make their own personal books using iPhoto.


  • Take pictures or scan items (or have your students do it).
  • Have students use iPhoto to add text to pictures and make a book.

Sunshine State Standards

  • LA.B.1.2.2
  • LA.C.2.2.1
  • LA.D.2.2.5
  • The standards that are met depend on the type of book that is made.

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Use keyboards and other common input and output devices (including adaptive devices when necessary) efficiently and effectively.
  • Use general purpose productivity tools and peripherals to support personal productivity, remediate skill deficits, and facilitate learning throughout the curriculum.
  • Use technology tools (e.g., multimedia authoring, presentation, Web tools, digital cameras, scanners) for individual and collaborative writing, communication, and publishing activities to create knowledge products for audiences inside and outside the classroom.
  • Determine which technology is useful and select the appropriate tool(s) and technology resources to address a variety of tasks and problems.


  • iPhoto
  • Pictures for iPhoto (scanner, website, digital camera)



  • Make a variety of books: alphabet, counting, parts of speech, vocabulary, etc
  • Instead of printing all of the books, put some on a webpage using iTools.
  • iPhoto can only be used in MacOS X.
  • You could also use iMovie, Microsoft Power Point or AppleWorks slideshow to do this project.

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   ETC > NSA Home > Language Arts 3-5 > Making Books