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Marketing Research Projects

Students will learn various marketing concepts through the use of wireless laptops.


In the completion of this project, students demonstrate marketing skills as well as learn/understand the importance of:

  • Communication skills-the ability to exchange information and ideas with others through writing, speaking, reading or listening
  • Analytical skills-the ability to derive facts from data, findings from facts, conclusions from findings and recommendations from conclusions
  • Critical thinking/problem solving skills
  • Production skills-the ability to take a concept from an idea and make it real
  • Teamwork-the ability to be an effective member of a productive group
  • Priorities/time management-the ability to determine priorities and manage time commitments and deadlines
  • Identify of competitive conditions within a market area


In this project students select a business in which to base their research. Each year the topic changes. This year the topic is customer service offerings of the business.

  • Students will research the background of a business and community.
  • Students will conduct a survey that will evaluate the customer service offerings of the chosen business as well as the customer service offerings of the chosen business's competitors.
  • Then students analyze the customer preference research data. Based on the analysis and comparison of the research, they identify proposed customer service offerings for the chosen business.
  • Students complete the project by developing a promotional campaign for the customer service offerings that includes goals/objectives and rationale of the promotion.

Sunshine State Standards

  • SS.D.1.4.1
  • LA.A.2.4.4
  • LA.B.2.4.4
  • MA.8.S.3.1

    Fashion Applications/Management Standards:

    • 22.0 Apply fashion product and service technology.
    • 23.0 Demonstrate merchandising skills appropriate for fashion marketing.
    • 24.0 Implement fashion marketing operational techniques.
    • 25.0 Apply promotional planning techniques and procedures to fashion marketing.

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Evaluate technology-based options, including distance and distributed education for lifelong learning.
  • Investigate and apply expert systems, intelligent agents, and simulation in real-world applications.
  • Collaborate with peers, experts, and others to contribute to a content-related knowledge base by using technology to compile, synthesize, produce, and disseminate information, models, and other creative works.


  • Project guidelines (as provided by National DECA in the DECA Guide)
  • Laptops


  • Students develop and present their project through a PowerPoint presentation
  • Students develop additional visual aids to be used during their presentation
  • Students defend their project at state and national competitive events

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