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Personal Fitness

Students will use a variety of technology applications to enhance their understanding about personal fitness and how participating in sport can contribute to one's health and fitness.


  • Students will engage in research to learn about important personal fitness and sport concepts.
  • Students will continuously monitor their performance in class.
  • Students will use technology applications to prepare for and study for tests.


  • The teacher uses a PDA to note student performance as they engage in various sport and fitness activities. This information is downloaded by the teacher to her classroom computer and made available to individual students.
  • The teacher creates unit outlines using the Notetaker program and makes these outlines available to students.
  • Students use the Notetaker program on their laptops to record notes from unit outlines prepared by the teacher.
  • Students conduct research on specified unit topics using the internet.
  • Students use Inspiration to develop diagrams/concept maps that describe their understandings for each unit. Students use these products to assist in studying.
  • Students use Quia to learn terms/definitions.
  • Students are provided access to their grades on a weekly basis through the teacher’s use of EasyGrader software, making their individual grades available on a weekly basis.

Sunshine State Standards

  • HE.B.1.4
  • HE.B.2.4
  • HE.C.1.4
  • PE.B.1.4
  • PE.C.2.4

NETS Profiles for Technology Literate Students

  • Identify capabilities and limitations of contemporary and emerging technology resources and assess the potential of these systems and services to address personal, lifelong learning, and workplace needs.
  • Make informed choices among technology systems, resources, and services.
  • Routinely and efficiently use online information resources to meet needs for collaboration, research, publication, communication, and productivity.
  • Select and apply technology tools for research, information analysis, problem solving, and decision making in content learning.


  • Laptops
  • Internet access
  • Notetaker or Microsoft Word
  • EasyGrader software

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   ETC > NSA Home > Health and PE 9-12 > Personal Fitness