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Presentations ETC License

Presentations ETC is copyright © 2006-2012 by the University of South Florida.

Educational Use. A maximum of fifty (50) items may be used in any non-commercial, educational project (report, presentation, display, website, etc.) without special permission. The use of more than fifty items in a single project requires written permission from the Florida Center for Instructional Technology (FCIT) at USF.

Credit. Please credit FCIT whenever a resource is used. If resources from this site are incorporated into a website, a link to must be included on your site.

Restrictions. No commercial use may be made of the contents of this site without written permission of FCIT. Resources from this site may not be used to create obscene or scandalous works. Under no circumstances may the resources on this site be included in any other published collection of presentation resources, whether sold or distributed freely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you require a link to Presentations ETC if I use your resources on my website?
We want to help other students and teachers find this site. We realize how difficult it is for students and teachers to find good resource sites without lots of advertising, endless links that go in circles, and redirects to inappropriate content. If we ask students and teachers who use our resources to link to our site, then more people will be able to use our collection.

How do I credit FCIT in printed projects?
If you are just using a few items for decoration putting "Courtesy FCIT" in small print is sufficient. If you have more room please include the URL "" so that others can find the site.

Why can't I include your presentation resources in the collection on my free website?
We have gone to great lengths at Presentations ETC to create presentation resources for school use. If students and teachers are going to use our resources, we want them to find it at Presentations ETC where they will have a complete selection.

What makes a website a "published collection of presentation resources"?
We define a "published collection of presentation resources" as a site (or other means of distribution such as CD-ROM) whose primary purpose is to allow visitors to download presentation resources such as backgrounds, templates, or themes. If you include a background image of New York from Presentations ETC in your webpage report about New York City, then you are using our resources within the license set forth above. If you put ten of our backgrounds on a page and call it "New York Backgrounds," then you have created a "published collection of presentation resources" in violation of this license.

Does that mean a teacher can't collect a number of Presentations ETC items for students to use?
Of course not! In fact, we hope that teachers will collect favorites from our site for use in the classroom. Just don't publish the collection!

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