Data Tools

Precision Teaching Tool
Alternative Certification Evaluation Template
Research-Based Assessment
Leadership Audit Tool
This participatory management checklist can help leaders take stock of their management style and focus on participatory management skills and techniques that they would like to change or improve.
Lesson Planner
This Web site is intended to help teachers write focused lesson plans. The Planner addresses essential questions that are often overlooked when planning curriculum units.
Making Good Choices: A Guide for School and District (pdf)
Schools across the Unites States are taking a new approach to school improvement called comprehensive school reform, or CSR. Rather than implementing isolated programs that may or may not improve the academic performance of all students, CSR schools seek to revitalize themselves by implementing scientifically based models for comprehensive school improvement that focus on all aspects of the school's operations.
Scoring Guide for Student Products
The Scoring Guide for Student Products was created to evaluate the content knowledge and the effective use of technology in communicating ideas and information that is evident in the products that students create with computers.
Surveys of Enacted Curriculum
urveys of Enacted Curriculum (SEC) are affordable, research-based questionnaires developed through collaborative efforts of state specialists, content experts, and education researchers at the Council of Chief State School Officers, Learning Point Associates, and the Wisconsin Center for Education Research.
Teaching Quality Source
This online resource offers valuable information on fundamental issues of teaching quality, including teacher preparation as well as recruitment and retention.