Technology Integration

ASCD Research Brief
ResearchBrief is a Web-based publication designed to offer field-based practitioners and policymakers focused summaries of original, interdisciplinary, high-quality research.
In response to questions we've received at AskERIC, our network information specialists have compiled over 3000 resources on a variety of educational issues. This collection includes Internet sites, educational organizations, and electronic discussion groups.
Center for Applied Research in Educational Technology bridges education technology research to practice by offering research-based answers to critical questions.
The Center for the Future of Teaching & Learning
The Center is a public, not-for-profit organization with roots in California’s education reform movement. While we are interested in many different aspects of improving state and national education systems, our primary focus is strengthening California’s teacher workforce.
ENC OnLine - Data Driven Decision Making
Links to articles by various authors about using research data to improve education.
Evaluating the Quality of Information on the Internet
This guide defines the criteria, documents incidents of questionable, false or fraudulent information as reported in the news or trade literature, provides examples of Web sites that illustrate good or bad information, and suggests strategies that help you detect bad information.
Fern Elementary Technology Integration Tutorial
What is Technology Integration? What are Multimedia/Hypermedia Projects? Kinds of Assessment Tools. What are Standards,...
Connecting Student Learning and Technology
Computers are not inherently instructional tools, and most teachers need suggestions for using them. This guide provides such suggestions.
Education Line
Education-line is a freely accessible database of the full text of conference papers, working papers and electronic literature which supports educational research, policy and practice.
ERIC Digest
ERIC Digests are: short reports (1,000 - 1,500 words) on topics of prime current interest in education, targeted specifically for teachers, administrators, policymakers, and other practitioners, but generally useful to the broad educational community, designed to provide an overview of information on a given topic, plus references to items providing more detailed information, produced by the 16 subject-specialized ERIC Clearinghouses, and reviewed by experts and content specialists in the field, funded by the Office of Educational Research and Improvement (OERI), of the U.S. Department of Education (ED).
NCAL/ILI produce a variety of print and multimedia products, including technical reports, policy briefs, international papers, video conference materials, practice guides, newsletters, books, and CD-ROMs, as well as reports on and proceedings from conferences such as the ILI Second Asia Literacy Regional Forum held in Delhi, India, in 1998.
Morino Institute
Marino Institute: understanding the Internet & society, advancing a more effective philanthropy, closing social divides, and stimulating new economy entrepreneurship.
Multimedia Projects: An Effective Use of Technology as a Tool in Elementary Education
This article discusses the merits of multimedia projects and how to assess them.
National Center for Education Statistics
NCES is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data that are related to education in the United States and other nations.
NEA Foundation for Improvement in Education
Created by the National Education Association, The NEA Foundation empowers public education employees to innovate, take risks, and become agents for change to improve teaching and learning in our society.
Successful Technology Integration In An Elementary School: A case study
This evaluation study examined the impact of the technology on the school community. Using a variety of data collection instruments (e.g., classroom observation, surveys and interviews of school personnel and students), we found consistent evidence that technology plays an essential role in facilitating the school's goals.
WestEd is a nonprofit research, development, and service agency, which provides many links to resources of information in regards to research and projects.