inTASC Laptops for Learning (L4L) Baseline Research Study
The Technology and Assessment Study Collaborative at Boston College has recently partnered with Boston Public Schools (BPS) and Apple Computer to conduct one of the largest and in-depth research studies of urban teachers' use of technology to date.
Laptops for Learning
The Laptops for Learning Task Force has finished its report assessing the use of mobile laptop computers in all learning environments as it relates to student success in grades K-12.
Research information for the Laptops4Leearning EETT project in Florida.
Maine Learning Technology Initiative - MLTI
The Maine Learning with Laptop Studies project (MLLS) is a small group of educators, educational technologists, and scholars producing research, documentation, evaluation, and advocacy of 1-to-1 learning with technology initiatives.
Microsoft - Laptop Learning
Access is a key component to Microsoft's vision of a Connected Learning Community. To help bring that vision to reality, Microsoft has created the Anytime Anywhere Learning program which helps schools provide 1:1 access to technology through the use of notebook computers.