Learning Styles

Campaign for Learning
By thinking about your preferred style, you can try and apply this to learning new things. If you're able to use your natural style, you're likely to find learning much easier and quicker.
Center for Research on Learning and Teaching
This Occasional Paper will make the case that all faculty members, no matter the discipline, can put an understanding of learning styles to good use in their own teaching.
Comparing Student Learning Styles in an Online Distance Learning Class and an Equivalent On-Campus Class
If optimal student learning is dependent on learning styles, and these styles vary between distance and equivalent on-campus students, then faculty should be aware of these differences and alter their preparation and instructional methods accordingly.
Oklahoma Institute for Learning Styles
Research in learning styles is not limited to learning in K-12 settings. Research on applications exists in many areas, including cultural diversity, counseling, manufacturing, colleges, senior citizens, physician and nurses. Studies are underway dealing with such diverse issues as violence and bigotry.
Project Learning using Technology
In project learning, students work in teams to explore real-world problems and create presentations to share what they have learned.