Lesson Plans 6-8

Forces of Flight - Lift
Students design and test airplanes to understand the concept of lift and how it affects flight.
Quadrant Analysis
Students create a slide show depicting items found in their one square meter quadrant.
Animal Information Database
These are resources from the Sea World/Busch Gardens Education Series, which provide many useful links to facts and information about animals.
Butterflies 2000
A broad and comprehensive information site about butterflies. The first part contains information about butterflies and moths. There are also game as well as a trick film.
Charlotte, The Vermont Whale
The story of a whale artifact that was found in Vermont. This is a virtual tour of the story about a whale in Vermont.
A colorful, well-designed site for the high school chemistry student; includes "tricks" for remembering aspects of atomic structure.
Ecosystems of Our World
This site offers information on ecosystems of the world, as well as biomes, and the differences between them.
The Field Museum
The Field Museum in Chicago has for years provided the public with fascinating exhibits. Experience the wonderful educational experiences available to everyone via the online exhibits hosted by this museum.
Florida Panther Net
Here you will learn about the Florida state animal, the Florida Panther, its habitat and the fascinating plants and animals that share its southwest Florida home.
Froguts is the first true virtual online interactive simulation of a frog dissection.
Green Sea Turtles
This is a very informative site full of information regarding the Green Sea Turtles and their habitat.
NWF's Nature Quest
Interactive environmental activities for kids of all ages with a focus on endangered species. These interdisciplinary activities are designed to introduce students to wildlife they can find right in their own backyard.
Space Camp
Information about all the various space camps available for children. The camps are 5 day programs jam-packed with astronaut training for young people. Activities include simulated Space Shuttle missions, training simulators, rocket building, and scientific experiments.
Taking the Measure of the Universe
This NASA/Jet Propulsion Laboratory poster and its activities are related to the Space Interferometry Mission (SIM). The content is geared for students in grades 6-12 and is designed to make the use of measurement and computation in mathematics visible to students. (PDF file)
Information about tornadoes and how they are formed.To scientists who study them, twisters are the most fascinating storms on Earth.
At Transistorized!, you'll learn about one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Tune into a flurry of interactive science and amazing technology. Once here, you'll learn about how the transistor was created, and how it came to be used in everything from early radios to the integrated circuit. Games like Periodic Puzzle and Wafer Maker provide an understanding behind the transistor's science.