Lesson Plans 9-12

Forces of Flight - Lift
Students design and test airplanes to understand the concept of lift and how it affects flight.
Quadrant Analysis
Students create a slide show depicting items found in their one square meter quadrant.
Amusement Park Physics
How do physics laws affect amusement park ride design? In this exhibit, the student will have a chance to find out by designing their own.
A colorful, well-designed site for the high school chemistry student; includes "tricks" for remembering aspects of atomic structure.
EduHound Science Category Index
This is the EduHound Science Category Index. The list is composed of their main web site categories and is arranged in alphabetical order. You can select the category you are trying to find from the listings. Simply by clicking on a keyword, a search for that particular topic will be activated and results presented.
One of the first science centers on the Web, San Francisco's Exploratorium provides curricular resources and online exhibits. Their Learning Studio is something you don't want to miss!
Green Sea Turtles
This is a very informative site full of information regarding the Green Sea Turtles and their habitat.
The Heart: An Online Exploration
Explore the heart. Discover the complexities of its development and structure. Follow the blood through the blood vessels. Wander through the web like body systems. Learn how to have a healthy heart and how to monitor your heart's health. Look back at the history of heart science.
Periodic Table of the Elements
A great site for the Chemistry student - the periodic table with information on each element.
The Physics Classroom
An online physics tutorial written for high school physics students, to learn concepts and review them in the tutorial.
USGS Earthquake Hazards Program
Safety and scientific information about earthquakes, as well as several links to related sites.