Lesson Plans PreK-2

Animal Habitats
Students will demonstrate knowledge of plants and animals within a habitat by dragging pictures into the appropriate habitat.
Body Rap
Make a movie to learn the names for parts of the body.
Creating Plants:
Students will communicate ideas and information about plants effectively.
Graphing Water Temperature:
Students will understand that science, technology and society are interwoven and interdependent when graphing water temperature.
Habitat Movies:
Students will demonstrate knowledge that there are many different plants and animals living in different kinds of environments.
Human Body Parts:
Students will locate and label body parts.
Interactive Journeys:
Students will use technology to enhance their field trip.
Learning about our Solar System:
Students use the Internet to learn about our Solar System.
Plant Journal:
Students will describe how organisms change as they grow and mature.
Testing Dissolved Oxygen:
Students will collaborate to test for dissolved oxygen.
Water Conservation:
Students will understand how scarcity affects the choices people make about water in everyday situations.
Center for Insect Science
Integrated education materials that foster the use of live insects as teaching models and background information about arthropods and how to use them in the classroom.
Farm Animals
Kids Farm is a place for young children to learn about farm animals, animal sounds, what grows on a farm, and farm equipment. There are also various farm pictures and puzzles. This is an excellent tool for teachers who teach farm units.