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Tool-based Software and Sunshine State Standards


The music composition programs listed here are just a few of the many available music composition programs on the market that are designed to help you write, record, edit and publish music.

GarageBand Perform, record & create music Commercial Mac
Cubase SX Music creation & production studio Commercial Mac, PC
Finale 2006b Music notation & score writing software Commercial Mac, PC
Sibelius Write, edit, playback & publish music Commercial Mac, PC
FruityLoops Music, DJ and loop software Commercial PC
Band in a Box Perform, record & create music Commercial Mac, PC

The varied capabilities of music composition software include, but are not limited to the following: multi-track recording, post-production editing tools, playing software instruments using a USB keyboard, onscreen keyboard or computer keyboard, create loops of music or select already made music loops, mixing, online sharing, edit and repair tracks, music notation, create podcasts, make sound effects and jingles, add an original music score to your movies. These music composition tools can be used across the curriculum and in varied grade levels.

Sample Lesson Plans

The following sample lesson plans provide a general idea on how the music composition tool can be integrated in a content area and grade level. Although there may not be an example for every content area or at every grade level, the lessons from one content area or grade level can often be adapted to another due to its open-ended approach.


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