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graphics software SOFTWARE

The graphics software programs listed here are just a few of the many available graphics software programs on the market that are designed to help you create different kinds of graphs and maps.

Microsoft Publisher For publishing and marketing materials Commercial/Trial Mac, PC
Grapher Technical graphing package Commercial Mac
Pixologic Zbrush 3D modeling, blending, rendering Commercial Mac, PC
Mapmaker Tool to make desktop maps Free Mac
MapMaker Toolkit Tool to make desktop maps Commercial Mac, PC

The varied capabilities of graphics software software include, but are not limited to the following: graph types such as linear, bar, polar, step plots, scatter plots, bubble plots, box-whisker plots, vector plots, histograms, ternary diagrams, pie charts, function chart, 3D modeling, also add legends, annotations, draw objects such as polygons, rectangles, ellipses, points, lines, edit graphs, create templates, and make contour and surface maps. Control line styles, color and width. Graphs can be exported into presentations or publications. These graphics software software tools can be used across the curriculum and in varied grade levels.

Sample Lesson Plans

The following sample lesson plans provide a general idea on how the graphics software tool can be integrated in a content area and grade level. Although there may not be an example for every content area or at every grade level, the lessons from one content area or grade level can often be adapted to another due to its open-ended approach.

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