Standards & Software

Tool-based Software and Sunshine State Standards


The multimedia programs listed here are just a few of the many available multimedia programs on the market that are designed to help you integrate video, audio, pictures, text and user interactivity into one project and share it with corporate networks, CD/DVD, and the web.

Hyperstudio Multimedia authoring tool Commercial Mac, PC
Aurthorware Visual rich-media authoring tool Commercial/Trial Mac, PC
Adobe Premier Capture & edit video for digital filmmaking Commercial/Trial PC
eZedia Multimedia integration software Commercial Mac, PC

The varied capabilities of multimedia software include, but are not limited to the following: incorporate all major media file formats by dragging and dropping into a multimedia project, edit all media formats, create buttons to navigate between frames, files, applications and websites, animate media-text, graphics and movies, rotate and flip images, create digital portfolios, presentations, slide shows and interactive CD-ROM projects, user interactivity, track data, record voice-overs and sound, use text-to-speech to speak text in a project, add text, calculate data and create templates. Deliver projects on corporate networks, CD/DVD, and the web. These multimedia tools can be used across the curriculum and in varied grade levels.

Sample Lesson Plans

There are presently no sample lesson plans on how the multimedia tool can be integrated in a content area and grade level. However, a long-term multimedia project can be weaved into a large unit over the course of a semester.