Standards & Software

Tool-based Software and Sunshine State Standards


The software programs listed here are just a few of many available podcasting software programs that are designed to help you create a digital broadcast with audio, photos and video files. These broadcasts are available on the Internet so that a wide audience, both in and out of the school, can set their computers to automatically download new episodes in a series through a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed.

Juice Receiver which downloads podcasts Free Mac, PC
iTunes Automatically downloads podcasts Free Mac, PC
Chaptertoolme Utility program to add chapters in podcasts Free Mac
GarageBand Create podcasts Commercial Mac
Podomatic Create podcasts Free Mac, PC

The varied capabilities of a podcasting tool includes, but are not limited to the following: record, edit, and add special effects to spoken words, add music for intro and outro, add text to describe the content of the broadcast, create a really simple syndication (RSS) feed so that others can subscribe to receive the podcasts as they become available, export in several file formats and download on to the computer, MP3 player or iPod, ability to add photos, video and chapter markings to the podcast. The podcasting tools can be used across the curriculum and in varied grade levels.

Sample Lesson Plans

There presently are no sample lesson plans on how the podcasting software tool can be integrated in a content area and grade level. However, educators can use Podcasts to communicate their students’ accomplishments with the school community and parents. Teachers can also create podcasts of classroom lessons or supplemental material that can be accessed by students outside of school.