Standards & Software

Tool-based Software and Sunshine State Standards

Standards & Software is a free teacher resource that offers suggested teaching strategies and sample lesson plans on integrating technology in the classroom using tool-based software while meeting the Florida Sunshine State Standards and the Work Force Applied Technology Standards. Educational software has traditionally consisted of tutorials; however, tool-based software programs go beyond tutorials since they are conducive to project-based learning where students are active participants in their learning while using problem-solving and higher-order thinking skills to create both individual and collaborative multi-media projects. Search the site by either the subject area tabs above or by the tool-based software links listed below.

The tool-based software has been classified into the following categories:

Included in each category is a list of software programs with information on their varied capabilities, how they can be acquired and suggested ways of how they can be used to meet the Sunshine State Standards. Also provided are sample lesson plans from Florida schools that feature technology integration in the classroom.

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