Social Studies

Lesson Plans 3-5

Students use a checkbook system in conjunction with their classroom behavior system to develop life skills.
Family Tree
Students will understand the cultural traditions and contributions of various societies by researching their family heritage.
Florida Timeline
Students will learn about important events in Florida history by making a timeline of the 10 most important events.
Gettysburg Movie
Students will know the causes and important events of the Civil War by reading and depicting the Gettysburg Address.
Morning News Show
Make a morning news show to be aired live to the student body.
Personal Timeline
Students will create a timeline of their own lives.
Make a presentation to convince government officials to let your group use the Rainforest.
Abraham Lincoln for Primary Children
This site includes a compilation of activities developed by a first grade teacher, which includes information about Abraham Lincoln.
Hercules: Greece's Greatest Hero
This site explores the life and achievements of Hercules, one of Greece's famous heroes, as portrayed through art.
Heritage of the Ancient Ones
Heritage of the Ancient Ones (HOTAO) is a multicultural, nonprofit organization, offering educational and environmental awareness programs. They are dedicated to preserving the history, culture and traditions of Florida's original native peoples, while promoting respect for Mother Earth.
I know that!
This site is a good interactive geography site for elementary students. There are interactive activities which allow students to explore a variety of maps.
POTUS: Presidents of the United States
This site includes background information, election results, cabinet members, notable events, and points of interest on each of the presidents.
Rome Project
This site includes a vast collection of resources on Classical Rome. Anyone interested in Classical Rome will find this site to be a valuable research tool.
States & Capitals
This site is an excellent source for many different "quick fact" information on each of the 50 states.
Welcome to Mexico
This site depicts the story of a wandering tribe from Northern Mexico who through bravery, trickery, and genius became the great Aztec civilization.
White House Kids
An interactive look into the White House, providing kids with information about the current and past presidents, as well as a tour of the White House.