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Historic and contemporary maps of France, including political and physical maps, early empires, WWI, city plans, and battle plans.

The Battle of Sedan, September 1, 1870
A map of the Battle of Sedan near the border Belgium during the Franco–German War, which took place on September 1, 1870. This battle is noted for the Prussian capture of Napoleon III and his army. This map shows the French and German military ...

Battle of Valmy, September 20, 1792
A map of the Battle of Valmy in northern France during the War of the First Coalition. The battle was between the French Army and the Prussian Army commanded by the Duke of Brunswick. This battle, fought on 20th September, 1792, resulted in the Frenc...

Battle of Poictiers, September 9, 1356
Map showing the Battle of Poictiers on September 19th, 1356....

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