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Location of Vacant Public Land, 1911
The location of vacant public land in 1911. Note the disproportionately large amount of vacant land in the Great Basin. ...

Open Range in the West, 1911
The approximate location and extent of open range in the West around 1911....

The Ozarks, 1911
The subdivisions of the Ozark region and relations to surrounding provinces....

Ozark Topography, 1911
The topography of the Ozark region....

Western States, 1911
The States considered the Western States in the early twentieth century.. The inset map shows the Yosemite Valley in Wyoming. ...

California and Nevada Boundary Survey, 1911
A map of California, Nevada, southern Oregon, and southern Idaho from 1911 showing major cities and towns, railroads, lakes, rivers, coastal features, and National Parks....

Irrigated Areas in the United States, 1916
A map from 1916 of the western United States showing the irrigation projects in the region, keyed to show the projects under the National Reclamation Act (also known as the Newlands Reclamation Act) of 1902, and other private or incorporated water pr...

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  Maps > United States > Regional Maps >Western States
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