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Vegetation Map of Europe, 1901

Vegetation Map of Europe

Title: Vegetation Map of Europe
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Description: A sketch map from 1901 of Europe showing the general agriculture or vegetation types in the region. This map is keyed to show areas which are predominately forest, the great food belt, and the great grape belt. "The great agricultural regions are (1) the northern lowlands from the Atlantic eastward through southern Russia, and (2) the broad fertile valleys of the Danube, the Po, the Rhone, and the streams of the Spanish peninsula. The northern region, including the plains of Hungary, yields three fourths of the rye, oats, wheat, barley, and potatoes, and is the chief food–producing belt. Other crops of this belt are beets, beans, cabbages, and the fibers flax and hemp. In southern Europe large quantities of beans, garlic, and other vegetables are raised, and much grain, including corn and some rice, but the characteristic crop is the grape, for this is the world's greatest wine– and rasin–producing region. Other important crops of southern Europe are olives, oranges, lemons, figs, almonds, and chestnuts. Mulberry trees are also cultivated to afford food for silkworms, which are extensively reared." — Redway, 1901, p. 120.
Place Names: A Complete Map of Europe,
ISO Topic Categories: biota, farming, boundaries, inlandWaters, oceans
Keywords: Vegetation Map of Europe, physical, statistical, Great Forests, Great Food Belt, Great Grape Belt, kAgriculture, physical features, agriculture, vegetation, biota, farming, boundaries, inlandWaters, oceans, Unknown, 1901
Source: Jacques W. Redway, Natural Advanced Geography (New York, New York: American Book Company, 1901) 120
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 Maps ETC > Europe > A Complete Map of Europe > Vegetation Map of Europe, 1901
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