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Indian Ocean Seasonal Currents, 1915

Indian Ocean Seasonal Currents

Title: Indian Ocean Seasonal Currents
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Description: A map of the Indian Ocean from 1915 showing the seasonal direction of currents of the Indian Ocean in January and July. "In the Indian Ocean, the circulation is complete only in the southern half. As before, there is a South Equatorial current which turns to the south in two branches, one outside Madagascar and the other, the Mozambique current, through the Mozambique Channel, between Madagascar and the African mainland. Meeting with westerly winds and the Antarctic Drift, the rotation is completed by the West Australian current. In the northern portion of the Indian Ocean, the currents change with the seasons owing to the force of the monsoons. While the north-east monsoon is blowing in the winter a current flows to the west around the shores of India and Arabia, and is thus the equivalent of the normal North Equatorial currents. A weak counter current in the belt of calms separates it from the South Equatorial current, and completes the circulation in the northern part of the ocean. In the summer, however, when the south-west monsoon has developed, the currents are reversed. A current then flows toward the east around the shores of Arabia and India, and the circulation is completed by the South Equatorial current." Williams, 1915, pp. 165-6.
Place Names: Regional Indian Ocean, Africa, Asia, Europ
ISO Topic Categories: physical, hydrological, kOceanCurrents, kWorldIndian
Keywords: Indian Ocean Seasonal Currents, physical, hydrological, kOceanCurrents, physical features, currents, physical, hydrological, kOceanCurrents, kWorldIndian, Unknown, 1915
Source: Graeme Williams, ed., The World We Live In (London, England: Waverley Book Company, LTD, 1915) 165
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 Maps ETC > Globes and Multi-continent > Regional Indian Ocean > Indian Ocean Seasonal Currents, 1915
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