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Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805

Battle of Trafalgar

Title: Battle of Trafalgar
Projection: Unknown,
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Description: A map showing the Battle of Trafalgar which took place on October 21st, 1805, between the British Royal Navy under Horatio Nelson and the combined fleets of the French and Spanish navies under Villeneuve (French) and Gravina (Spanish). The map is color–coded to show the position of the British fleet, and the ships of the French and Spanish fleets, with ship names given. An inset map shows the location of the battle off the Spanish Atlantic coast.
Place Names: Spain, Spain, Cadiz, Tarifa, Algesiras, Gibraltar, Strait of Gibraltar, Ceuta, Tangier, Medina Sidonia, Puerto Real, Cape Trafalga
ISO Topic Categories: inlandWaters, location, oceans
Keywords: Battle of Trafalgar, physical, historical, battle of trafalgar, british fleet, combined french and spanish fleet, division of vice admiral collingwood, physical features, other military, inlandWaters, location, oceans, Unknown, October 21, 1805
Source: Samuel Rawson Gardiner D.C.L., L.L.D., School Atlas of English History (London, England: Longmans, Green, and Co., 1914) 84
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 Maps ETC > Europe > Spain > Battle of Trafalgar, October 21, 1805
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