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Average Annual Rainfall, 1916

Average Annual Rainfall

Title: Average Annual Rainfall
Projection: Unknown,
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Description: A map from 1916 of the United States showing the average annual rainfall distribution, keyed to show areas of rainfall ranging from less than 10 inches to areas of over 60 inches per year. This map shows the coastal and mountain effect on rainfall distribution in the Pacific Northwest and Gulf region. The map also clearly shows the ‘100th Meridian’ in the Great Plains, a line of longitude that generally marks the furthest reaches of moist Gulf air, and delineates the moist east and arid west.
Place Names: Meteorology, rainfal
ISO Topic Categories: climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere, boundaries, inlandWaters, location, oceans
Keywords: Average Annual Rainfall, physical, political, meteorological, kClimate, physical features, country borders, major political subdivisions, rainfall, climatologyMeteorologyAtmosphere, boundaries, inlandWaters, location, oceans, Unknown, 1916
Source: Albert Perry Brigham & Charles T. McFarlane, Essentials of Geography (New York, NY: American Book Company, 1916) 42
Map Credit: Courtesy the private collection of Roy Winkelman
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 Maps ETC > United States > Meteorology > Average Annual Rainfall, 1916
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