Worker Bee

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“Bee is the common name given to a large family of hymenopterous or membranous-winged insects, of which the most important is the common hive or honey bee (apis mellifica). It belongs to the warmer parts of the Eastern Hemisphere, but is now naturalized in the Western. A hive commonly consists of one mother or queen, from 600 to 800 males or drones, and from 15,000 to 20,000 working bees, formerly termed neuters, but now known to be imperfectly developed females. The humblebees, or bumblebees, of which over 60 species are found in North America, belong to the genus bombus, which is almost world wide in its distribution. “—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


Everybody's Cyclopedia (New York, NY: Syndicate Publishing Company, 1912)


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