Wart Hog

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“The Wart Hog closely resembles the true hogs in most of their characters, and particularly in their feet, but is remarkably differing from them in their dentition: The number of teeth is much reduced; the canines become the large tusks, and in the adult the last molar only is found in each jaw, which grows to an enormous size as in the elephant. The head is very large, and the muzzle very broad; the cheeks are furnished with large wart-like excrescences, so that the appearance is altogether very remarkable and uncouth. The species are all natives of Africa. They feed very much on the roots of plants, which they dig up by means of their enormous tusks. The flesh of all the wart hogs and water hogs is in high esteem. They are hunted by dogs, which are often killed in the encounter with them."—(Charles Leonard-Stuart, 1911)


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