Banqueting room

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“The Roman people reclined at their meals. On each couch there were commonly three persons. They lay with the upper part of the body reclined on the left arm, the head a little raised, the back supported by cushions and the limbs stretched out at full length, or a little bent; the feet of the first behind the back of the second, and his feet behind the back of the third, with a pillow between each. When they ate, they raised themselves on their elbow, and made use of the right hand. A banqueting-room generally contained three couches, holding nine guests, and, from the number of couches, was called riclinium. The following representation of such a room is from one at Pomopeii. In the centre is a pedestal to receive the table.” — Anthon, 1891


Charles Anthon Aenid of Virgil (New York: Harper & Brothers Publishers, 1891) 364


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