Anglo-Saxon Manor House, Circa 11th Century

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Illustration of an Anglo-Saxon manor house or noble’s house from 11th century England. There are several porticoes and entrances to the house. People huddle in the entryways, some have shields and spears. An animal head with antlers is at the pinnacle of one roof. The lord and lady are giving alms to several poor people in the courtyard. There is a line of men with canes, a group filling large pottery jars, and a line of people reaching for alms.


Samuel Bannister Harding, Ph.D., Assisted by Margaret Snodgrass, A.M. The Story of Europe: From the Times of the Ancient Greeks to the Colonization of America, An Elementary History for the Sixth Grade, Based Upon the Report of the Committee of Eight to the American Historical Association (Chicago, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1912) 153


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