Threshing Wheat with Flails in the 14th Century

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Two men thresh a sheaf of wheat using flails. The flails appear to be made from two sticks joined together at a bendable joint. The men are beating the grain. One man’s flail is in the air, while the other man’s flail hits the bundle of wheat. Both are wearing short, belted tunics and knee length pants. The original drawing is from a 14th century psalter called “The Luttrell Psalter".


Samuel Bannister Harding, Ph.D., Assisted by Margaret Snodgrass, A.M. The Story of Europe: From the Times of the Ancient Greeks to the Colonization of America, An Elementary History for the Sixth Grade, Based Upon the Report of the Committee of Eight to the American Historical Association (Chicago, IL: Scott, Foresman and Company, 1912) 197


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