Mammal Skin

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This is a diagram of the skin of mammals, showing the multiple layered condition, together with outgrowths and ingrowths. E, epidermis; D, dermis; a, adipose tissue, -fat deposited amid the connective tissue; b, blood vessels; c.e., columnar epithelial layer of the epidermis; f, hair follicle; g, hair; n, nerve; n.e., nerve ending; p, pore of sweat gland; seb., sebaceous or oil gland of hair; s.g., sweat gland; s.c., horny layer of epidermis; s.m., mucous layer of epidermis.


Thomas Walton Galloway, Zoology A Text-Book For Secondary Schools, Normal Schools and Colleges (Philadelphia: P. Plakiston's Son & Co., 1913) 323


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