Gravity Train Remontoire

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“E represents the scape-wheel turning in a minute, and e its pinion, which is driven by the wheel D having a pinion d driven by the wheel C, which we may suppose to turn in an hour. The arbors of the scape-wheel and hour-wheel are distinct, their pivots-meeting in a bush fixed somewhere between the wheels. The pivots of the wheel, D are set in the frame AP, which rides on the arbors of the hour-wheel and scape-wheel, or on another short arbor between them. The hour-wheel also drives another wheel G, which again drives the pinion f on the arbor which carries the two arms f A, f B; and on the same arbor is set a fly with a ratchet, like a common striking fly, and the numbers of the teeth are so arranged that the fly will turn once for each turn of the scapewheel. The ends of the remontoire arms f A, f B are capable of alternately passing the notches cut half through the arbor of the scape-wheel, as those notches successively come into the proper position at the end of every half minute; as soon as that happens the-hour-wheel raises the movable wheel D and its frame through a small angle; but nevertheless, that wheel keeps pressing on the scape-wheel as if it were not moving, the point of contact of the wheel C and the pinion d being the fulcrum or center of motion of the level A d P.” — Encyclopedia Britanica, 1893


The Encyclopedia Britannica, New Warner Edition (New York, NY: The Werner Company, 1893)


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