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“Upon a tripod provided with levelling screws stands the pillar P, to which is fixed the graduated azimuthal circle CC. The compass box B, with the vernier V, attached to it, moves on the azimuthal circle by means of a pivot at the pillar P. Two uprights, U, U, are fixed to the side of the compass-box, on the tops of which rests the axis of the telescope T. A graduated are A, is fixed to the bottom of one of the uprights, and the angle of elevation of the telescope is marked by the vernier on the arm E, attached to the axis of the telescope. A level, L, is also hung on the axis of the telescope, for adjusting the instrument. Inside the compass-box is another graduated circle, F, the line joining the zero-points of which is parallel to the axis of the telescope. All the fittings are in brass or copper, iron, of course, being unsuitable.” — Chambers’ Encyclopedia, 1875


Chambers's Encyclopedia (Philadelphia, PA: J. B. Lippincott Company, 1875)


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