Elliptical Orbit

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“The elliptical circle being supposed to be the Earth’s orbit, with the Sun, S, in one of the foci. Now the spaces, 1, 2, 3, etc., though of different shapes, are of the same dimensions, or contain the same quantity of surface. The Earth, we have already seen, in its journey round the Sun, describes an ellipse, and moves more rapidly in one part of its orbit than in another. But whatever may be its actual velocity, its comparative motion is through equal areas in equal times. Thus its center passes from E to C, and from C to A, in the same period of time, and so of all the other divisions marked in the figure.” —Comstock, 1850




J. L. Comstock A System of Natural Philosophy: Principles of Mechanics (: Pratt, Woodford, and Company, 1850) 299


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