Fragments of Striped (Striated) Muscle Fibers

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Fragments of striped (striated) muscle fibers, showing a cleavage in opposite directions, magnified 300 diameters. Striped muscle is nearly always under the control of the will, and is often spoken of as voluntary muscle. Labels: A, longitudinal cleavage; c, fibrillae separated from one another at the broken end of the fiber; c’c", single fibrils more highly magnified, in c; the elementary structures are square, in c” round; B, transverse cleavage; a, b, partially detached disks; b’ detached disk, more highly magnified, showing the sarcous elements.


Kimber, Diana C. Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses (New York, NY: The Macmillan Company, 1907)


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