The Main Arteries of the Body

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The main arteries of the body. Labels: Crd, and Crs, right and left coronary arteries of the heart, cut short near their origin; Aa, and aA, aortic arch; At, thoracic aorta; Aab, abdominal aorta; K, renal artery; Sd, right, and Ssi, left subclavian; Cd, right, and Cs, left carotid; Ax, axillary artery; B, brachial artery; U, ulner artery; R, radial artery; Ai, common iliac artery; I, external iliac artery; C, femoral artery; Po, popliteal artery; Ta, anterior, and Tp, posterior tibial artery; Pe, peroneal artery.


Martin, H. Newell The Human Body: A Text-book of Anatomy, Physiology and Hygiene (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1900) 171


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