A Cross-Section of the Ear

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Cross-section of the external and internal ear. a, b, and c: External ear. d: Entrance to the tube of the ear (f). g: Drum of the ear. h: Cavity beyond the drum where the chain of bones is, the bones being left out that the arrangement of the apparatus may be more clear to you. k: Tube which comes from the back part of the throat to this cavity. If you shut your mouth and close the nostrils with your fingers, and then force the air strongly from your chest into the mouth, you can feel the air pass through this tube into the ear where the little bones are. l: is the vestibule of the labyrinth. m: Semi-circular canals. n: Cochlea. o: Trunk of the nerve of hearing as it goes to branch out in the labyrinth. e: Bone in which the labyrinth is enclosed.


Hooker, Worthington First Book in Physiology For the Use of Schools and Families (New York: Sheldon and Company, 1867) 175


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