Kidney Glomerulus and Uriniferous Tubule

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Diagram showing a kidney glomerulus and the commencement of an uriniferous tubule. Labels: a, afferent blood vessel pushing in the wall, w, of a Malpighian capsule and ending in the capillary tuft from which the vein e issues; c, involuted epithelium the vascular tuft, but in nature it forms a close investment around each vessel of the glomerulus; A, space in capsule into which liquid transuded from the vessel of the glomerulus passes; d, neck of capsule passing into commencement of first convoluted portion, f f, of an uriniferous tubule; o, granular epithelial cells; b, basement membrane.


Martin, H. Newell & Martin, Ernest G. The Human Body: An Account of Its Structure and Activities and the Conditions of its Healthy Working (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1917) 524


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