Bony Tissue

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“Bony Tissue. A, portion of cross-section of a bone, the upper portion of the figure representing the outer surface of the bone, just beneath the periosteum. The open spaces, h, are Haversian canals; l, lacunae, occupied in life by bone cells. The minute canals through the bone connecting the lacunae are canaliculi. B, a portion of one Haversian system much magnified. h, Haversian anal, containing arter (a), vein (v), lymphatic spaces, nutritive cells; c, canaliculi; l, lacunae; la, plae of bone intercellular substance.” -Galloway, 1915


Thomas Walton Galloway Textbook of Zoology (Philadelphia, PA: P. Blakiston's Son & Co., 1915)


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