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“Decorticator for ramie, jute, hemp, flax, and other textiles in green stalks. The machine is quadruple in its action. It consists in four feeders and four cleaners, inside of which revolves, horizontally, a large cogged wheel acting as a circular carrier. It brings the crushed plant in, and draws from it, the revolving cleaners, as follows: A, crushing rollers, through which the green stalks are passed, and placed on the rim of the large cogged wheel or circular carrier. B,rim of the carrier, on which hangs the flattened plant coming from the rollers. C, revolving cleaners, furnished with knives attracting the plant while it is drawn by the circular motion of the carrier. D, small cog-wheels in contact with the large wheels, and keeping the plant under pressure. F, projecting bar to direct the fiber into the cleaners. G, opening to take off the cleaned fiber.” -Watts, 1874


Fred'k Watts Report of the Commission of Agriculture for the year 1873 (Washington D.C.: Government Printing Office, 1874) 260


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