Sensory Nerves to the Head and Neck

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Distribution of sensory nerves to the head and neck. Labels: Ophth, ophthalmic division of the fifth nerve; St, supratrochlear branch; S.O, supra-orbital branch; I.T, infratrochlear branch; L, lachrymal branch; N, external nasal branch; Sup.Max, superior maxillary division; T, temporal branch; M, malar branch; I.O, infra-orbital branch; Inf.Max, inferior maxillary branch; M, mental branch; C2, 3, branches of the second and third cervical nervs; G.O, great occipital nerve; S.O, small occipital nerve; G.A, great auricle nerve; S.C, superficial cervical nerve; C3, least occipital nerve; 4, 5, 6, posterior primary division of 4th, 5th, 6th cervical nerve.


Cunningham, D.J. Textbook of Anatomy (New York, NY: William Wood and Co., 1903)


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