Ophthalmic Nerve

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Scheme of the distribution of the ophthalmic nerve. Labels: Vs, trigeminal nerve, afferent root; Mo, efferent root; G.G, gasserian ganglion; M, meningeal branch; I.C, branch to internal carotid artery; Oph, opthalmic nerve; S.M, superior maxillary nerve; I.M, inferior maxillary nerve; III, communication to oculomotor nerve; IV, to trochlear nerve; L, branches to upper eyelid; L.G, long root to lenticular ganglion; Sy, root from sympathetic (on carotid artery); III, short root from motor oculi nerve; C, short ciliary branches; L.C, long ciliary nerves; I.T, infra-trochlear nerve; E.N, external nasal nerve; I.N, internal nasal nerve; O, orbital branch of superior maxillary nerve; L.Gl, lachrymal gland; C, conjuctival branch; L, branch to eyelids and face.


Cunningham, D.J. Textbook of Anatomy (New York, NY: William Wood and Co., 1903)


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