Inferior Maxillary Nerve

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Scheme of the course and distribution of the inferior maxillary nerve. Labels: V.I.M, inferior maxillary nerve; S, afferent root; Mo, efferent root; M, meningeal branch; O.G, otic ganglion; I.Pt, nerve to internal oterygoid; S.S.P, small superficial petrosal nerve; T.T, nerves to tensor typano, T.P, tensor palati; Ty.Plex, tympanic plexus, G.Ph, glossopharyngeal nerve; M.M, middle menigeal artery; A.T, auriculotemporal nerve; F, communication with facial nerve; Par, nerve to parotid gland; Me, branch to meatus of ear; Pi, branch to pinna; T, temporal muscle; Bucc, buccinator muscle; Po, posterior division of inferior maxillary nerve; L, lingual nerve; C.t, chorda tympani nerve; Sub.G, submaxillary ganglion; Hy, hypoglossal nerve; I.D, inferior dental nerve; My.hy, mylohyoid nerve; My, nerve to mylohyoid; Di, nerve to digastric (anterior belly); Ment, mental branch; Sty.Gl, styloglossus; H.Gl, styloglossus; H.G1, hyo-glossus; G.H.G, geniohyoglossus muscles.


Cunningham, D.J. Textbook of Anatomy (New York, NY: William Wood and Co., 1903)


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