Horse Head

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Right infero-lateral view of the head; the maxillary ramus, cheek, parotid gland, and upper lip being removed. Labels: a, submaxillary gland; b, Wharton’s duct; c, sublingual gland; d, its excretory orifices; e, labial glands; f, their excretory orifices; g, papilla, with orifice of Steno’s duct; h, orifices of the superior, and i, those of the inferior molar glands; k, the hard palate; l, the soft palate; m, the tongue, with its papillae; n, pillars of the tongue and soft palate; o, fraenumlinguae.


Horse head


Vaughn, I. Strangeway's Veterinary Anatomy (Toronto, CAN: J. A. Carveth & Co., Ltd., 1904)


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