Sectional View of Acanthobdella

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An illustration of a sectional view of a Acanthobdella, a member of the annelid family. “c, Coelom;, Coelomic epithelium (yellow cells); cg, glandular cells; cl, Muscle cells of lateral line; cp, Pigment cells; ep, Ectoderm; g, Nerve cord; m, Intestine; mc, Circular muscle; ml, Longitudinal muscle; vd, Dorsal vessel; ww, Ventral vessel; cn, nerve cord; nf, parts of nephridium; on, external opening of nephridium; ov, ova; t, testis.” (Britannica, 1910)




Encyclopaedia Britannica (11th ed., vol. 5) (New York, NY: The Encyclopaedia Britannica Company, 1910)


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