"The Badenoch" Floor Plans

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The entrance to this house is labeled a vestibule, to elicit a sense of grandeur. The round tower can be clearly seen from this perspective. A fireplace is situated at the base of the tower in the parlor room. The sitting room contains a large bay window, as well a fireplace. The dining room also has a bay window, although this one is much rounder. The kitchen is situated at the back of the house and exits to a small back porch. An elegant stair case can be found at the front of the house that leads all the way to the third floor. A smaller staircase is located in the kitchen and stops at the second floor. On the second floor there are four large chambers, three with closets, and a single bathroom. In 1917, this large house cost between $4,000 and $4,250 to build depending on the locality.


Fred. T. Hodgson Hodgson’s Low Cost American Homes (Chicago, IL: Frederick J. Drake & Co., 1917)


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