Types of Files

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“Files. a, cotter-file when large, and verge- or pivot-file when small; b, square file (parallel or taper); c, banking or watch-pinion file when parallel, and knife-file when tape; d, half-round, nicking, piercing, or round-off file; e, round, gulleting, or rat-tail file; f, triangular, three-square, or saw file; g, equaling, clock-pinion, or endless-screw file when parallel, and slitting, entering, warding, or barrel-hole file when tape; h, cross- or double-half-round file; i, screw-head, feather-edge, or slitting file.” -Whitney, 1911


William Dwight Whitney The Century Dictionary: An Encyclopedic Lexicon of the English Language (New York, NY: The Century Co., 1911)


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