Orinasal Symbol Throat Consonant

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Consonants have a closed or narrowly expanded adjustment of the vocal organs, so that in their production some part of the throat or mouth obstructs, squeezes, or divides the breath. …in representing consonants the hand suggests a narrow adjustment of the organs, by having the prominent or accented fingers straightened and the second phalanx of the thumb close to the plane of the palm. From the Vocalized Throat primary consonant which represents guttural contraction, we may derive a very appropriate orinasal symbol by placing the breath phalanx of the thumb in the position for nasality. This symbol acts retrospectively, so in representing an orinasal we represent the vowel in the usual way and immediately follow it with the orinasal symbol.


Lyon, Edmund The Lyon Phonetic Manual (Rochester, NY: Deaf-Mute Institution, 1891)


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