Glossy Abelia

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“Ornamental plants, cultivated chiefly for their handsome flowers. The Abelias are small or medium-sized bushy shrubs with deciduous or persistent foliage and rather small in numerous flowers varying from white to pink or purple; after the flowers have fallen, the persistent usually purplish sepals are attractive. A. grandiflora, Rehd. Fig. 58. Lvs. ovate, rounded or attenuate at the base, acute, 3/4-1&1/2 in. long, serrate, shining above, nearly glabrous, half-evergreen: fls. in terminal, loose panicles, white flushed pink, campanulate, 3/4in. long; stamens not exserted. Of garden origin. Gt. 41:1366. Gn. 76, p.528. J.H. III. 8:77- One of hte hardiest and most free-flowering abelias; it flowers continuously from June to November.” L.H. Bailey, 1917


L. H. Bailey Standard Cyclopedia of Horticulture (New York, New York: The MacMillan Company, 1917)


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